Kevin Iole and Steve Cofield follow up on NSAC/Hamill Controversy

Posted on June 25, 2010


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Yahoo’s Kevin Iole reports that after further investigation, it was the opinion of multiple doctors that the lesion on Matt Hamill’s back that created so much controversy (particularly amongst yours truly) was hardened to the point that it presented no danger to the other fighters.

Please see the link below for full information, including a video link to an in-depth conversation on the subject between Kevin Iole and CageWriter’s Steve Cofield.

Cageside physicians take a beating over Hamill’s staph; was it warranted? – Cagewriter – UFC  – Yahoo! Sports.

I’m a bit embarrassed that I jumped the gun so quickly on this issue, but I’m glad that Iole and Cofield dug deep and fully addressed all the concerns that were  raised by that goddamn thing on Hamill’s back.

I still wouldn’t fight anyone with a big hole in their back. Just sayin’.