An MMA Blog? Why?

Posted on March 8, 2010


Firstly, a hello to friends, family, and readers who have come to know me through my personal blog and Twitter account. I appreciate you all taking the time to venture into this specific area of my wildly schizophrenic interests.

Hello as well to those of you that are finding me for the first time. This is a truly exciting venture for me, and I’m glad that you’ve decided to check in, even if just to take a brief glance.

So why does this blog exist?

Well, it’s certainly not for lack of MMA websites. There are a lot of fantastic sites for news and coverage online; some of them are linked under “MMA Resources” to your right. So it’s not as if I launched this thinking that I would fill any void in coverage or attention. Because, let’s face it, the sport has become a lot bigger than all of us whiners and complainers on the internet.

I created this blog for two reasons:

1. To spare my friends all the MMA talk on my blog and Twitter page. I honestly don’t believe Mixed Martial Arts to be anything resembling a niche interest. However, for whatever reason – whether that be the company I keep or the interests I pursue – the vast majority of my friends couldn’t care less that WEC Bantamweight title-holder Dominic Cruz’s footwork infuses both respect and frustration in me. So I figured, why not provide people who might be interested in that sort of thing an outlet that isn’t drowned out by my other interests and vice-versa?

2. I love MMA. Really, it’s that simple. I love this sport more than I’ve ever loved any other sport, including football, baseball, basketball, etcetera.

This blog is going to be purely for editorial purposes. I will not deign to feign any inside knowledge or the ability to provide in-depth coverage. I’ll leave that to Cage PotatoCage Writer, MMA Fanhouse, Bloody Elbow, and all the other great sites out there. While I may mention on this blog when big news items break, I will simply link to and cede to their superior coverage. All I can do is give you my take on things.

Again, thanks for joining me on what I’m sure will be an exciting venture into the world of MMA.

Kevin Marshall

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